SceneView with raster basemap loads really slowly

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I'm working with C++ logic and qml UI.

I used to have a MapView object with a raster basemap (from a local tif file), and everything was OK...

Then  I realized that I needed 3D so I changed the object to SceneView, but almost didn't change anything else (just initial viewpoint). Now the map takes about 1 minute until it's fully loaded and displayed.

I've even tried it with one of the arcgis samples. I took the surface_placement sample, replaced the basemap with my tif file, and it behaves the same. Takes forever...


This is my code:


void Surface_Placement::componentComplete()
      m_sceneView = findChild<SceneQuickView*>("sceneView");
      Raster* raster = new Raster("C:/Projects/NewMaps/myMap.tif", this);
      RasterLayer* rasterLayer = new RasterLayer(raster, this);
      Basemap* baseMap = new Basemap(rasterLayer, this);
      Scene* scene = new Scene(baseMap, this);
      Camera camera(32.1283, 34.9078, 1300, 0, 0, 0);
      Viewpoint viewpoint(32.1283, 34.9078, 20000);