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How to center on the area of interest (tile map package)?

Question asked by rabbi_Jacob on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff



I have created a tile package in TPK and uploaded it on ArcGIS online.


In survey123 I downloaded the survey and the tile package.


When I collect data and want to set the location, my map is always at full extent and not centered on my survey site,

this even if I a set the "home" in the .info file. 


This is an abstract of my info file:

"displayInfo": {
        "map": {
            "coordinateFormat": null,
            "defaultType": {
                "name": null
            "home": {
                "latitude": 45.42655935877988,
                "longitude": -75.72630206362336,
                "zoomLevel": 19
            "mapTypes": {
                "append": false,
                "includeLibrary": false,
                "mapSources": [
                        "name": "Test Street Map TPK",
                        "storeInMapLibrary": false,
                        "url": "http://......."
            "preview": {
                "coordinateFormat": null,
                "zoomLevel": 2


Any idea on the way I should proceed ?