Geoprocessor Task Not Calling Delegate

Discussion created by ctinnell on Jan 20, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2011 by ctinnell
I am having difficulty getting the delegate calls for a geoprocessor task. 
Here is an example:

AGSGeoprocessor *agp = [[

  1. AGSGeoprocessor

alloc] initWithURL:url];
agp.delegate = self;
agp.interval = 5;
NSArray *params = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:reinyear,agencycode,bondrid,userid,nil];
[self.operations addObject:[agp submitJobWithParameters: params]];

This delegate gets called fine:
- (void) geoprocessor:  (AGSGeoprocessor *)geoprocessor operation:  (NSOperation *)op didSubmitJob:  (AGSGPJobInfo *)jobInfo {
  NSLog(@"job submitted: %@ job status:%@",jobInfo.jobId, jobInfo.jobStatus);

I can take the jobId from this call and input into the job status url to watch the job complete.

These do not get called ever:
- (void)geoprocessor:  (AGSGeoprocessor *)geoprocessor operation:  (NSOperation*)op jobDidSucceed:  (AGSGPJobInfo*)jobInfo{
[delegate refreshFeature];

- (void)geoprocessor:  (AGSGeoprocessor *)geoprocessor willCheckJobStatus:  (AGSGPJobInfo*)jobInfo {
[UIApplication showNetworkActivityIndicator:true];

- (void)geoprocessor:  (AGSGeoprocessor *)geoprocessor operation:  (NSOperation*)op didCheckJobStatus:  (AGSGPJobInfo*)jobInfo{
[UIApplication showNetworkActivityIndicator:false];
NSLog(@"status check");

- (void)geoprocessor:  (AGSGeoprocessor *)geoprocessor operation:  (NSOperation*)op jobDidFail:  (AGSGPJobInfo*)jobInfo{
NSLog(@"Error: ");

Any help would be greatly appreciated.