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Story Map only displays first save, no saves made after then -- lost edits?

Question asked by kkeeley2 on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by kkeeley2

The Story Map I've been working on for the past couple hours (and consistently been saving every five minutes) won't display (in edit mode and preview mode) anything created since my very first save; everything I've done since then appears to be gone. I've tried it on multiple browsers, but it still only displays my first save.


Any idea what went wrong? My internet? While creating the Story Map, I'd repeatedly click the "view story" button and it would show all my recent edits -- would this display if my internet was malfunctioning?


A few more details:

  • Story Map Journal template
  • Used AGO-Assistant to change the theme colors in JSON (this worked and was saved successfully)
  • Edited the HTML for each section to add buttons using <style> tag as per this article


Thanks in advance!