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Survey123 survey not displaying with collapsed groups in a browser

Question asked by Chandreyee on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2017 by JHasthorpe-esristaff

I need to share a Survey123 survey publicly from a web-browser- to be completed via the browser (not via the Survey 123 app). Questions in the survey are grouped to improve legibility so the groups must appear collapsed by default.

To get this format, in the the Excel sheet used to create the survey in Survey123 Connect, the 'Appearance' for each Begin_group/group heading is set to 'Compact'.


The problem is that some of the formatting of this survey that is honored by the Survey123 app, is lost when the survey is take in the browser.
1. The 'collapse' option disappears, making the survey overly long and losing the scheme of the questions that becomes apparent when collapsed groups are offered.
2. All the select_multiple questions that have a compact appearance (using 'field_list') appear as lists, that again consume too much space and make the survey difficult to read and complete.


Here is the online survey that opens in the browser: Feedback survey on the Stewardship map
Attached is the Excel worksheet for the survey.

I really to make this survey accessible to all levels of users so need my survey takers to complete this survey within web-browsers rather than apps they must download.


Please advise as to what is missing!