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How I can add a shapefile (< 1000 features and < 10mb) in ArcGIS Online?

Question asked by kat.ds.2014 on Nov 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by kat.ds.2014

Hi everyone!


I had a shapefile with information about wetlands, but this was so big (170 Mb). After that I used "Dissolve" for decrease the number of features, "Generalize" for decrease the number of vertex, I exported differents shapefiles according atributes. After this, I have a lot of shapefiles, all of this have less than 10 Mb (150 Kb - 7Mb) but I can't upload. Show this: 

Some suggestion for this problem? I need make a map in ArcGIS Online for a Story Maps and I can't access to ArcGIS Server