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How to Create an invalid point and polygon geometry

Question asked by apurvdanke on Nov 6, 2017
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I am testing ArcGIS Data Reviewer 10.4.1 and I want to test the invalid geometry check against point and polygon features, which I also want to create newly in a geodatabase version. I am using Oracle 12g for the geodatabase. Also installed Data Reviewer 10.4.1 patch 6.


I was able to reproduce an invalid polyline geometry which self intersects, i.e. the same feature cuts itself. However for point and polygon I'm not able create a geometry which is invalid to test against. ArcMap doesn't allow me to create any points or polygons which have invalid geometry. I think this check would be most useful for data which has been migrated from different sources, but still to test it I need to create some data in the geodatabase which is invalid. 


I thought of modifying the X and Y coordinates in the SDO_Geometry field (SHAPE) for that particular feature in the A table (as I created the feature in a version); or even make the value for this field as null. However I think doing something like this from backend in SQL might corrupt the feature class. Is there any safe way to create test data for invalid geometry check for points and polygons?