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Internal/External Domains, Hostname, Certificates

Question asked by aseimMSB on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by aseimMSB

I have installed ArcGIS Enterprise behind the firewall and have ArcGIS Web Adaptor for Portal in the DMZ for external access.  The internal domain name is xxxx.lan, the external domain is  We have a wildcard certificate for the external domain.  When attached to the internal servers there is a certificate error, as expected since the domains don't match.  Wildcard certificates are not available for .lan domain.  And the .us domain does not exist internally.  How do I resolve certificate errors for the ArcGIS Servers and Portal for ArcGIS servers residing on the internal domain?  


The main issue this is causing right now is I can't access Portal Administrative Directory at all to make adjustments since a token cannot be obtained due to the certificate error.  Alternatively, how do I revert Portal to the self-signed certificate so I can access Portal Admin again?