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Question asked by kelsey_haugan on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

Good afternoon,

I'm using ArcGis for a graduate school class, and have recently run into an issue which is making it impossible to continue on with an assignment.  I'm running Arc Desktop 10.1.3 and my account number is EVA773678833.  My textbook is GIS Tutorial for Crime Analysis Edition 2012.
While working on tutorial 9-1 "Address matching, or geocoding data," I can complete it up until step 3, which directs me to "Right-click the chapter 9 geodatabase and click New > Address Locator " however instead of bringing up the Create Address Locator dialog box I receive a script error box which states Line: 365, Char: 49, Expected ';', Code: 0, URL: file://C:/Users/Devon%20Haugan/AppData/Roaming/ESRI/Desktop 10.3/ArcToolbox/Dlg/MdDlgContent.htm.  This happened before on another assignment, however once I restarted my computer the error corrected itself; this time however the error is still occurring.
I have already uninstalled the program and re-installed to no success and the T.A. for this class suggested I reach out to ESRI tech support for further assistance.  If you have any suggestions I would be very grateful, as my grade in this class is somewhat dependant on it.
Thank you in advance for your time and help,
Kelsey Haugan