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Use IWA without Federating

Question asked by Bleroux on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by JQuinn-esristaff

I am working through documentation but I am unclear on how to set up our enterprise server/portal environment. Hoping for some guidance.


Currently on 10.1 with security handeld through Active Directory. We have about 1,000 users of GIS. 99% of those users are only utilizing a couple of services on our server and all of them are view only. 


At this point I am used to securing the services but after federating the portal to the server, it looks like I need to add all 1,000 users to portal to share the resources. I did not think this was the case before I got started so now I may have to justify the added expense of user licensing. So my thought is maybe I do not federate the server and handle the service security as I have in the past. I am just trying to understand what that means for Portal moving forward. Eventually I would like to utilize portal but is IWA supported when the portal is not federated? If so how does sharing items vs service security work? I would assume that you could share an item but if they don't have service level access the service will deny access and nothing would load.


I appreciate any insight.