Underlying DBMS error  ORA-00001: unique constraint violated sde10

Discussion created by pmora on Jan 20, 2011

I have a database Oracle 11g and sde 10, when I try register my table:

sdelayer -o register -l MIN_GEOM,GEOM -e a -C GID_SDO -t SDO_GEOMETRY -s server -D database -u user -p passwd -P 32

Show me a error

ArcSDE 10.0  for Oracle11g Build 685 Fri May 14 12:05:43  2010
Layer    Administration Utility
Error: Underlying DBMS error (-51).
Error: Unable to create registration for table MIN_GEOM.
ORA-00001: unique constraint (CRMDES.MIN_GEOM_PK) violated
ORA-06512: at line 1

My primary is correct in oracle, constraint pk is enable.

Could you help me please?


Patty Mora