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Is ArcHydro good for a 3D groundwater model?

Question asked by courtneylwade2017 on Nov 3, 2017

Hello All!  I am a student working on a GIS degree. I am currently in an internship where we are trying to create a 3D model of the zone of aeration approximately 36 inches deep.  The end goal is to create a 3D model the flow of ground water and the movement of nutrients within this area for educational purposes. I am familiar with ArcGIS Desktop and felt like using another ESRI product would save some time learning a completely different system, but am willing to consider other options. I am wondering 1) if anyone already knows of an existing model like this. I see no point in reinventing the wheel and 2) if there isn't already an existing model, will ArcHydro software will help us achieve this?. I’m looking for your opinions and guidance.    Thanks so much!