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Classification tools

Question asked by baidarkabob on Nov 3, 2017
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I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1 to perform a supervised classification. After going through the process, I further modified the output raster by combining with other rasters to add additional attributes to the table (elevation, slope, aspect, etc.). 


Now I would like to be able to regain access to the reclassifier tool to take care of some problem areas. Unfortunately, I can't access the reclassifier tool with this raster selected. I can see the tool if I go back to an earlier version of the classified raster so I am assuming there is something about the raster characteristics that does not allow me to use the reclassifier tool anymore. Can someone explain to me how I can use the reclassifier tool on a raster that was produced by the image classification wizard, then further modified using the raster calculator? For example, does the raster need to be 8 bit in order to use the reclassifier? Or is it the format that matters?