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Overlapping Polygons - 2 layers

Question asked by lewinn on Nov 1, 2017
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I have two poylgon layers (census tracts and a list of 1,000 buffers) and am trying to get a list of all census tracts that intersect the polygons from the other layer.


I run the intersect tool, but come up with this issue: my polygon layer of 1,000 records sometimes overlap each other, so the intersect tool counts those overlaps as intersecting - does this make sense? So in one example I'm seeing, one polygon should overlap 12 census tracts, but the intersect tool returns a count of 48 overlaps because it's counting the other polygons that it's overlapping. 


So basically, I need a list of which tracts intersect my polygon layer, but the intersect tool is returning too many records and is not accurate. Is this the correct tool I should be using?

Thank you!!