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Features From CityEngine Rules ArcPy - Not working

Question asked by GWTHOMSON1 on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by GWTHOMSON1

Hi there,


I am trying to use a combination of ArcPy and CityEngine CGA rule packages to create a 3D scene. The rule works when I use it in CityEngine and as a standalone Geoprocessing Tool in ArcPro, creating Image 1 below:


Image 1:


However when I try running the following code in ArcPy, it doesn't work, instead creating Image 2, below:


arcpy.FeaturesFromCityEngineRules_3d(MM_Output + "Buildings", Rule_Folder + "\Building_Basic.rpk", MM_Output + "Buildings_MP")


Image 2:


Does anyone have any suggestions on why this could be happening, and how to fix it?


Many thanks,