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GeometryEngine - Simple GeoFence Problem

Question asked by Rneel_DevTest on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by kmysorekar-esristaff

I want to do a check of GPS location against geofence polygons at intervals, perhaps once a minute. Based upon some example code I found, I've attemped to use GeometryEngine's within operation to compare the point geometry with the polygon geometry.


Using the markup/JS below, when I execute:


I always get withinZone as false, even with one huge polygon geometry to test against. I'm having difficulty figuring out how to troubleshoot this. Any suggestions? I really like the GeometryEngine approach to this, and would like to get this working! Thanks for any tips/assistance. --Ray


//Feature service for spatial query
ServiceFeatureTable {
   id: zoneBoundaries
   url: ""

   onQueryFeaturesStatusChanged: {
      if (queryFeaturesStatus === Enums.TaskStatusCompleted) {
         //Create array for features
         var features = []


         // get the features
         while (queryFeaturesResult.iterator.hasNext) {
            console.log( "Counting.." );


         console.log( "number of features in array: ", features.length );


         //assign geometry of first feature to var:
         var zoneGeometry = features[0].geometry
         console.log("zoneGeometry", zoneGeometry)


         //Get the current map point
         //var newPoint =
         var newPoint = mapView.locationDisplay.positionSource.position
         console.log("newPoint", newPoint)


         //Check to see if currrent point is within zone boundary
         var withinZone = GeometryEngine.within(newPoint, zoneGeometry)
         console.log("withinZone", withinZone)



//Parameters for query
QueryParameters {
   id: queryParameters   
   whereClause: "1=1"
   returnGeometry: true