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System Designer templates for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5+

Question asked by Andrew.Rudin@austintexas.gov_austin on Nov 1, 2017

Are there any plans to include templates for full ArcGIS Enterprise multi-server deployments in System Designer?  Same goes for workflows that come with all the new solutions out there like Drone2Map, Insights, Geoevent streams, and GeoAnalytics? I ask because I am looking at architecting a new Enterprise deployment on a cloud hosted environment.


Since Enterprise 10.5+ is a bit of a paradigm shift for server architecture, it would be nice if there were some newer templates with the basic components (Web Adapters, Portal, Federated GIS Server, Data Store, SpatioTemporal Data Store, Cache Store) built out, along with the common user worklfows in these environments.  I didn't really see a Data Store equivalent in System Designer (Using  Another nice to have would be a template that matches the Azure Marketplace recommended deployment, or AWS CloudFormation templates.