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Usage of Google Street View as a custom widget

Question asked by bugrabugra on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by rscheitlin



As an information technologies company we are developing apps for municipalities usage. Through their demands, we developed Google Street View app in ArcMap Javascript API. Let me explain what it does:


  1. Users can point and drag the Google Yellow Man on GoogleMap in our widget.
  2. The extent of ESRI layers on main Open Street Map changes to the point where users dragged the Yellow Man.
  3. Users can view the surroundings in our app via Google Street View data.


You can view the screenshot of our widget. My question is: Do you think that it violates the terms of Google Street View?


If non-Google map usage is the problem (OSM), does it prevent the violation of terms of Google if we use Google Map as basemap?


I hope Mr. Robert Scheitlin, GISP sees and answers this question cause he developed a widget once but gave up distributing it due to the facts of terms of Google Street View.


Thank you in advance,