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Why do I have spikes in my raster images in ArcScene -how do I remove them?

Question asked by JMRutherford on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by JMRutherford

Hello GeoNet team


I am working on a a cut fill operation to determine the volume of a possible submarine landslide. I am using both  and ArcMap to process and ArcScene to view my results in 3D. I've completed my processing steps in ArcMap and when opening my data in ArcScene I get these interesting spike anomalies> any ideas why? 

I thought it might be a result of the fact that my original image with 2m resolution and I was doing my trend in 5 m resolution. So I changed that and still get these spikes. I wonder if this is common, as I did not see this question when searching. 

If someone could please let me know what I might do to clean this up, I would be grateful.



See image below