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Hexbin map/query layer not working in portal (published from pro)

Question asked by geord359 on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2019 by daniel.urda_Essensys

I have created a query layer in Pro which counts the number of features in specific areas by date.


The layer queries two things. First, a layer of hexbins is joined to a point layer which details various events. Second, a where clause and range parameter are used to link the data to a timeslider and query the data by date. The hexbins are then symbolised based on how many features they contain. The SQL query I used is shown below.



I used the same process outlined in the ‘The Million Points on a Map Problem’ to create the map. In Pro, the map looks similar to the one shown in the image below and works well. However, when I try to publish it to Portal the Hexbins disappear and the timeslider defaults to 1899. It seems the timeslider is unable to ‘see’ any time-enabled data. My first thought was that the portal we are using does not support range parameters but it seems Portal 10.5.1 is sufficient. Manually changing start/end time in the slider settings doesn’t help either.




Does anyone have any idea why the map works in Pro but not in Portal?