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How do I get variable substitution to work?

Question asked by Joseph_Marsh-esristaff Employee on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by Joseph_Marsh-esristaff

Dear Geoevent team,


I am having issues with variable substitution inside Geoevent. I am using Geoevent to read an Automated Vehicle Location(AVL) simulation in AGOL. Then, I am using a filter to select a vehicle whenever it enters within the buffer of another point feature, hazards.  I want to send an AWS email whenever a vehicle crosses into one of these hazard areas. Whenever I try to use ${Email}, and then I put my email in the FS attribute, I don’t receive any emails. If I hardcode my email into the geoevent Email Recipients fields, then I do get an email.  Also, the variables I have in the message body i.e. ${Vehicle_ID}, ${Driver}, ${Time_Stamp} or ${Speed} don't read either. Instead, they print 'white space' in the email. The email is filled with White Space wherever there was a variable substitution. I have checked the syntax for fields match those in the REST endpoint.   Is there something I am missing? My goal is to have somebody change the Email field in the AVL FS to their email so that they will receive an email when that truck enters a buffer. I want the email to contain variable substitutions letting the user know their speed, id number, and time of event. 


Thanks for your time,

Joseph Marsh