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Using a web form (or GeoForm) with a polygon

Question asked by olwyn.bruce.ygs on Oct 31, 2017

Hi there,

I'd like to develop a web form (using GeoForm, the javascript API or another custom application) with the following workflow:

1) User fills out fields in a simple form (non-spatial data)

2) User selects a polygon from layer A (feature service or any other data format that will work)

      - preferably from a pick list, doesn't have to be a selection from a map

      - polygons are simple squares and the vertices are all known

3) User saves the record and the polygon selected from layer A is copied to a feature service in layer B, with the associated data from the form.


Sounds simple, right  

I understand that GeoForm used only point data but polygon and line data are under consideration. One idea would be to leverage/customize the map at the bottom of the GeoForm by changing the Lat/Lon tab to layer A picklist.


Any ideas?