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Discussion created by dwiens on Jan 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2012 by austinstig
I'm making separate bar graphs (one for each individual = bear), showing movement rate (y-axis) vs. date (x-axis). I use the graph template "graph_grf" and data "out_table" to make each graph, and save it to the path "output_graph" with the following code:

arcpy.SaveGraph_management(arcpy.MakeGraph_management(graph_grf,"SERIES=bar:vertical DATA=" + out_table + " X=DEC_DATE Y=MEAN_METERS_P_H LABEL=LOC_YEAR SORT=VALUE; GRAPH=general TITLE=Daily Movement Rate (Bear ID = " + str(bear) + ");","outgraph"),output_graph,"MAINTAIN_ASPECT_RATIO","1000","1000")

I adapted the above code from that found in the "Make Graph" and "Save Graph" help pages.

My question is: where can I find documentation about the parameters found in the second argument of MakeGraph_management ("SERIES=bar:vertical...")? For example, suppose I want a scatter plot rather than a vertical bar graph. What do I type after "SERIES="? Or, I want to add a curve fit line. How do I do that?