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ArcGIS Pro signs me out from AGOL

Question asked by dcoley on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by dcoley

Hi - 

Does anyone know why Pro 2.0.1 would drop my signed-in status to our AGOL org?  Is there a time-out setting somewhere?  The way I am staging and uploading hosted content relies on my being signed into our AGOL account:, "V:/ArcProProjets/AgolUpdates/Cadastral/" + + ".sddraft",, "MY_HOSTED_SERVICES", "FEATURE_ACCESS",
"OpenData", True, False, False, True, False, "", 'Cadastral')

arcpy.StageService_server('V:/ArcProProjets/AgolUpdates/Cadastral/' + + '.sddraft', 'V:/ArcProProjets/AgolUpdates/Cadastral/' + + '.sd')

I'm running this once a week on Saturdays.  I should note that we are using our concurrent license manager and not named user accounts.