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Survey123 for android returns a invalid client id when trying to add url for portal 10.4

Question asked by mscferenzo on Oct 30, 2017
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We are using survey123 configured with portal 10.4.

When I try to configure the mobile app to work with our portal (which can be accessed externally) it says invalid client id error 500.

I observed the same error  when I tried to configure Survey123 Connect with the same portal url. So I registered an app id , and everything seems to work fine now. I have also registered an app id for survey123 website.

So my question is , do I have to create/register another app id for the mobile app? If yes, can someone provide me the url since I cannot find one (for the mobile app). If no, then is there any other way to add the portal 10.4 url for the mobile app.

We are using portal 10.4 and it can be accessed over the internet as well as intranet.