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ESRI API cutting off orders

Question asked by davidlubinsky on Oct 26, 2017
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I am using ESRI API to find solutions to routing problems. The problem ranges in 1000+ orders (less than 2000) and 100 vehicles. However, ESRI automatically cuts off jobs by itself and produces a solution for 407 of the original 1000 orders using only 60 vehicles. Using the solution set and running it on ESRI again with same 100 vehicles, the number of orders that were included in the schedule is now 370 (so an additional 30 orders or so were cut off from the solution set).


The error message I got from ESRI in both cases was:


Some orders could not be routed due to violated constraints.
WARNING 030025: Partial solution generated.



I understand if ESRI returns an error for the first batch of 1000+ orders as constraints could have been violated, but I am confused as the constraints should not be violated for 407 of the 1000+ orders. Surely, running it the second time using the same vehicles and the scheduled 407 jobs would not violate any (new) constraints?


This problem occurs across different datasets.


Perhaps I am not using ESRI correctly.

Can someone explain the inconsistency of results?