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Copy the layer from mxd to another mxd to retain label classes from using the Label Manager ?

Question asked by progis99 on Oct 26, 2017

What is the reason for some labels to show up and others not to show up ? Basically I copied the layer ( a survey routes) from another mxd and paste it to another mxd ?


My scenario  was when I set them up in Label Manager in the Labeling toolbox. Open the Label Manager and in the Label Classes, I have this Survey Routes layer and it only shows the routes in one color in the Layers. The Label Manager I have has 14 different names for each survey routes. All of the 13 out of 14 showed their label in the layout but one of them did not show. I had to figure it out why it doesn't show up ?


Couple of question I am thinking is why ??

1.  Should they copy and paste from mxd to another mxd should the label classes be showen ?

2. if one mxd has a different reference scale set and you copy it and paste to another mxd with different reference scale set, would that cause some of the label classes not to be shown up ?


Has anyone out there done like this in the past ?


P.S. As of 1 November 2017 no one answer so I am adding pictures to share with anyone.


1. When you set up in ArcMap...and you have Labels Manager dialog box and I list each of the survey routes..

When you are ready to copy and paste the layer, it should carry it over to another mxd..


Open another mxd file and set up like this but set the scale at 250,000.



Zoom in more to check if the labels show up. The other labels shown but a few does not...