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Internet Explorer: Map Journal Main Stage "content cannot be displayed in frame" when deployed on a server

Question asked by justinjohnson on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by justinjohnson

This may be an IE issue, but it's creating problems with a Story Map Journal that I'm trying to serve from my organization's web server.

I have created this Story Map Journal on ArcGIS Online:  ArcGIS Online Hosted Map Journal

This URL displays properly in all browsers. When I follow the instructions to download and deploy a Story Map Journal on my web server, by downloading the template (version 1.12.2) and inserting the appid string into the configOptions object in index.html (full instructions here), everything works as expected in Firefox and Chrome, but IE 11.0 will not display the content embedded in the iFrame. Instead, I see the message:

screen shot

Note: The content in the iFrame is a static HTML page, served from the same server hosting the Story Map Journal template files. It is embedded into the Main Stage as a Web Page Link.  Both the template and the embedded page are using HTTPS and I cannot find any links to unsecured content.

This is the hosted version of the Story Map Journal, which doesn't work properly in IE:

This is the static web page embedded in the Main Stage of the first page, from the same server:

Unfortunately, I need to serve this Story Map Journal from a custom URL, as well as overwrite some CSS settings.  I can't force all users in my organization, or the public, to change browsers.

If you have encountered anything like this in IE before, I would love some suggestions.  I suspect it's related to mixed content (HTTP vs HTTPS), but I can't see exactly where those unsecured links are coming from.  I have also seen messages about configuring the web server (IIS) to allow embedded content from certain URLs.  Everything here should be coming from our own web server, or