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Hover on Feature Layer does not work on mobile

Question asked by yhuang_hla on Oct 26, 2017

I have tried to implement the hover function based on ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox to select multiple features(polygons) by a freehand polyline. This works on desktop browsers, but not on mobile.


The problem happened because the 'mouse-*' events cannot be identified by the mobile browser. I have tried the 'touch' event in the dojo, but the results are not elegant and the touch motions are not natively supported by the API.





/* variables */
var self = this;
self.drawTool = new Draw(map);
self.selectedFeatureList = [];
self.highlightFillSymbol = new SimpleFillSymbol( // highlight fill symbol
      new SimpleLineSymbol(
         new Color([255, 0, 0]), 3
   new Color([125, 125, 125, 0.35])


/* simulate multiple selection by drawing with freehand polyline */

/* event simulate the freehand polyline actions */
self.drawEvent.drawClick = map.on('mouse-down', function(evt) {
   self.drawEvent.drawOver = self.featureLayer.on('mouse-over', function(evt) {
      var graphic = evt.graphic;
      if (self.selectedFeatureList.indexOf(graphic) === -1) {
// simulate over event for the mouse-down
self.featureLayer.emit('mouse-over', evt);