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How to load WMTS service with a customed tileinfo

Question asked by yxf_cn on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by dblanchardesri-ca-esridist

How to load “天地图”(a tile map serivce ,following socalled OGC standards, but the tilematrixset and dpi are unique) with arcgis api for javascript v4.5?

I have tried two ways to load tianditu using javascript v4.5 ,and neither carried out right.

The first one, I used the WMTSLayer to load the tianditu, but the coordinate was wrong with a big deviation.

Another one turn out a different coordinate system which looks like a projecting goesystem.

What's the problems? Is there any right method to load the tianditu? 

Here is the code:GitHub - yxfcn/tiandituv45: load tianditu with arcgis api for javascript v4.5