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Required geopoint being "skipped"?

Question asked by NDierksQSI on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2017 by JeanYves.Landry_ERM

We had an issue recently where a user was able to "skip" a required geopoint question in a survey. Apparently, simply opening the survey was enough to get an automatic rough point (usually with accuracies in the hundreds or thousands of meters), and no user input was required. Is this intended behaviour?


For what it's worth, there was a warning about bad accuracy, but it and the geopoint question were located in a closed group due to survey size. The user simply never bothered to open the group, for whatever reason. Moving forward, I know I can mitigate this issue in several different ways, but I was surprised that this happened at all. I figured a required geopoint would require actual user input before allowing a survey to be submitted.