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Capturing Device information using survey123

Question asked by mscferenzo on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by JTedrick-esristaff


I am currently using survey123 connect (2.4.6) to publish a survey containing device information same as the samples provided ( ).

I have configured survey123 with Portal 10.4 and am using a named user to access and publish the surveys through 123connect and the web designer.


I am able to see that the details get autopopulated in the Connect window . See screenshot (Error2)

But after I publish it, when I try to access the survey on the browser , it gives me an error,

FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: property('deviceid'), message: Function "{}property does not exist. See Screenshot (Error1).

In the form, I could not see any property function mentioned in the help (types tab)

I had read somewhere that information like deviceid, subscriberid etc are currently not supported but seem to wonder that it is present in samples in survey123 connect, and it also works in the preview of connect.  Am I missing something?? Is there any other  way to capture the device information from where the survey is collected?


I have attached the excel sheet, and the errors as shown.


Expecting a reply soon.