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Problems with Re-Mosaicking a Tiled Image Mosaic

Question asked by on Oct 25, 2017

In ArcMap, I used to be able to re-mosaic an already mosaicked image that was delivered to me in multiple tiles by going to the Windows dropdown and selecting “Image Analysis”. I would then highlight all the tiles and select the mosaic button (just to the right of the “blend” in the processing portion of the menu) to form a temporary mosaic (it would actually create a layer). I could then select no stretch to keep the original color balance of the whole mosaic. Did they change this? When I try it in 10.5, it doesn’t create the layer it used to that you can turn on and off...just kind of leaves it looking like the original tiles, each with their own color balance so you get the checkerboard pattern. I’ve tried multiple things but it’s not working...any ideas?