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Landsat 8 service raster functions

Question asked by jcmeyer on Oct 25, 2017
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Hi, I am attempting to apply raster functions to the Landsat 8 imagery service hosted by ESRI and pulling from Amazon web storage.


I am using ArcGIS Pro.  I have set the Processing Template to "none" to gain access to the full range of the bands.


I come from an image processing background but I am not used to ArcGIS Pro yet, and I am not used to using image services with raster functions.




Question 1:  if I apply a raster function to the image service, does it apply it to the full range of dates in the service? For example, if I make a raster function to do some band arithmetic and the user wants to look at different dates, will the band arithmetic function get applied to the other dates as they move the time slider?  What I'm seeing is that after running the band arithmetic raster function I get a new raster layer that seems to be static in time.


Question 2: I would like to run the apparent reflectance raster function in order to convert the imagery from radiance to reflectance.  When I open the "apparent reflectance" raster function how do I have the tool pull from the imagery metadata for sun elevation?  If I identify on the multispectral landsat imagery service I can see all the properties are listed, but the Apparent Reflectance tool seems to be expecting manual input of this value. If the raster function gets applied to the full range of dates in the service (see Question 1), this value will change for each image.


thank you for any insights some of you might have.



Jeff Meyer