What is the input for IAGAnimationTrack.AttachObject?

Discussion created by levnagdimunov0 on Oct 25, 2017
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In ArcObjects' .NET SDK for ArcMap 10.5, in order to create an animation one needs to attach an object to the animation track. I cannot figure out what that object is. I am trying to create a time animation via ArcObjects. When looking at the Track properties in ArcMap, there is a list of available and attached objects, which in my case has only " 'Layers' display time ". How do I access this in ArcObjects, so I can pass it to AttachObject? I thought this might just be the time-enabled layer, but that generates an exception. All examples I can find use the older TimeLayer classes, written for 9.x, and in that case it looks like it did take the time-enabled layer.