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Issue WMTS layer

Question asked by pvannest on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by pvannest

Hi, we are new to this sdk. As we have dependencies with other sdks, we still need to use sdk for ios version 10.2.5.

We have issues when we add a WMTS base map using the sdk. We see a blank white screen, even no raster/grid. 


We need to use wmts service from here: 


We don't have issues with WMS services from the same provider, using other classes.


When we use wmts services from other providers, we don't have any issues too. What could be the reason? We center the map to a location that certainly is included in the region provided by this provider. So does anyone have an idea what could be the issue? As it is a official public wmts layer, i don't think that the wmts service is buggy. Is there a relationship between some version of wmts service and the sdk version?


thanks in advance