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Retaining statistics while using Dynamic Range Adjustment (DRA) in Symbology for Rasters

Question asked by on Oct 24, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2019 by jescuderoesri-co-esridist

Arc Pro 2.0.1

I am trying to retain the DRA statistics within the symbology for my selected layer/raster.  The goal is to use these statistics and apply them to my raster and have a specific stretch for the whole image. 


Coming from arc desktop where a step in the symbology allowed to calculate the current display extents statistics and then apply these (using "from custom settings below").  These statistics were then retained in the image until changed at a later date. 


Arc desktop symbology box


When I try the same process on arc pro the statistics do not appear to calculate. 

There is an option for custom statistics however I wouldn't know what these are without them being displayed to me. 


Arc pro symbology box


Has anyone else come across this problem before ?  If so is there a way around this using pro ?  I can go to desktop and zoom to the same area, then save the stats to a .xml file and load this up in pro - however I feel as though there must be an easier and more direct way ...