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Unable to create replica. unable to download Map

Question asked by jmaustin_3 on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by jmaustin_3

I have been trying to download a map with Points, Lines, Polygons and raster's to be used offline from ArcGIS online through the ArcCollector app. I keep receiving the same error. It will download depending on the scale either 20% or 80% then I will receive the classic error message of [Map Download] Unable to create replica. Please check your parameters. Exporting data from layer 1 failed.


Here are my unsuccessful troubleshooting Technics:

1. Checked settings for hosted feature layer (Offline Use)



2. Check Map settings to make sure Offline mode is enabled.

3. Removed Layer 1 in contents panel.

4. Removed potential data that could be the same (Stream_Line and Correct_Stream_Line)

5. Published/Overwrite existing service

7. Created a new map added feature service.

6.Removed all layers accepted Cached Raster (This obviously worked)


I have concluded its a problem with the Feature Service.... I am out of ideas on how to get this map to work. Any thoughts or answers would be much appreciated.


The map also has SSURGO soils data which could also be a potential problem due to the amount of records.