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Geoprocessing Asynch/Synch

Question asked by jamesfreddyc on Oct 23, 2017
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We're currently implementing a Geoprocessing synchronously in conjunction with our application because it is a relatively simple task that performs some attribute updates on an SDE feature class (the app is not an ESRI JavaScript application and is why we rely on the GP service rather than implement something client-side).  The client application strictly executes the service's task through is rest url and passes required parameters to perform the update.


Basically, it's a way to perform data manipulation on SDE feature classes via a non-GIS application and set of app developers.  Also, we don't particularly care too much about getting a response after the synchronous call, even though the GP service does return a simple pass/fail message string.  Anyway, I'd like to know:


Can we simply change to an asynchronous Geoprocessing service and make the same calls via the rest endpoint and not implement statusCallback and completeCallback? 


The reason why is because we just don't care about job status and would like to decouple the application from the synchronous nature of that service.  That is, just submit the call (with parameters) and let the client app continue on without additional waiting or overhead.