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Why is are the coordinates of my WGS 1984 geometries returned as Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere in Arcade?

Question asked by xander_bakker on Oct 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by xander_bakker

I thought I would create a pop up and add a link to Google Streetmap for the location of the geometry. Although my my points were published in WGS 1984, when I retrieve the X Y properties of the Geometry in Arcade the coordinates are return in Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere:


Since Arcade is based on JavaScript I hoped that some of the properties of Point objects in the JavaScript API would be available like getLatitude() and getLongitude():



However, these are not supported. 


How can I get my Latitude and Longitude coordinates without storing them as attributes in my hosted featurelayer?


I just did a test with some sample code from the help and it throws an error since the spatialReference specified (4326) is different from the map:


Looking at the REST endpoint I noticed that the spatial reference of my hosted feature layer is 102100 (Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere). This happened probably since I added the content to ArcGIS Online using a ZIP with the fgdb in it. Question: When you add a fgdb from your computer is the spatial reference always projected to 102100?


I will publish the layer using Pro to see if anything will be different.