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can someone help me deploy survey123 smartphones that are only for data collection (i.e. Android "kiosk" mode?)

Question asked by aurelies on Oct 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by dking-esristaff

I have deployed survey123 on android phones for field data collection in a remote location in Zambia. The app works great, the issue is that our collectors enjoy the phones a bit too much for facebooking, whatsapp, video streaming and so they run out of data credit and they can't send in their data and we have to go pick up the phones.

So i need a solution to lock down the apps in Android so that they can ONLY use Survey123.


I have tried these kiosk apps which restrict the phones to only a few apps, but survey123 won't completely work as there seems to be a browser interaction I am not aware of, so it does not let you complete a survey. I have also tried parental controls for kids but those are giving me problems too.


I'm sure someone has come across a way to deploy professional data collection devices with Survey123?


Can anyone recommend a FREE solution to deploy an android smartphone that is ONLY a survey123 collection device? It must be a free app, as the phones are mostly offline and so these server-based management systems are not really useful in that regard.


many thanks!


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