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Tips on how to visualize demographic changes better?

Question asked by kjellmh1 on Oct 20, 2017
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Is it posible to get some feedback on maps showing dempgraphic change and plots from transportation models?


i have made 5 maps showing:

1. Demographics for 2016

2. Change from 2016-2030

3. diffrence between old end new prognocis for 2030

 4. Results from Transportation analysis for 2030

5. Plot from transportation analysis 2030 showing the diffrence between old and new demographic prognosis


Map 1: Demograpichs in 2016 divided by city zones




Map 2: Change fram 2016 - 2030 divided by city zones


Map 3: There is made a new demographic distribution for 2030, this map show the diffrence between the new distrubution and the original. Darker zones have more people then original distrubution and white have less.




Map 5: Resoult fromTransportation analysis for the original demographic distrubution for 2030. Shows amount of traffic.




Map 5. Shows resoult of transportation analysis with a new demographic distrubution. This shows the connection between population growth and traffic. Red roads have more traffic and green roads have less traffic then the origional distrubution for 2030.






Any feedback/ tips on how to make these look bether?