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3D Noise Mapping

Question asked by GWTHOMSON1 on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2017 by GWTHOMSON1

Hi there,


I'm trying to create a 3D building with noise mapping applied to the side of the building. 


My initial idea was to create a grid on the side of the building in CityEngine using the split function. Then I would colour each of these segments based on the noise value for that segment (I have already established what colour for each segment to create my desired gradient effect). 


Whilst I can extrude the building and split the sides of the building into a grid easily using the functions below, I cant work out how to identify each segment to then assign a colour...


Height -->

Building -->          
     comp(f) { front : Facade | side : Facade | top: Roof}     
Facade -->          
    split(x){ ~widthSplit: Column(split.index) }*
    split(y){ ~heightSplit: Row(split.index) }* 


I assumed I would be able to identify each segment and then use the case function to colour that segment (perhaps this isn't the most efficient method).


My other concern is that I might end up doing this over quite a large area so this may be quite a data intensive process... 


In all honesty I'm open to ideas if anyone has any experience with this (either in CityEngine or ArcGIS Pro), so any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks,