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Shaded Relief Images issues

Question asked by FRANESCARUSSO22 on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by FRANESCARUSSO22

Hi all,

I have got many shaded relief images from a bathymetric survey but I have an "issue" in visualising them.


Each Shaded relief comes with a white rectangle that doesn't allow me to see what is on the background of my map  (nor all the other shapefiles, nor the navigation chart).


Is there anything I can do by myself  (i.e change any settings) in order to "crop" the information just to the AOI?Or shall I have to ask to the client to send the data processed in a different way?


It has never happened  before to me. Normally I always got the data just along the route...


I have attached a screenshot even though it is not really clear, all the white bit you see in the image is what comes along with the data and covers everything is on the background of my map.


Any help will  be much appreciated.