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Can I customize the mobile view and the desktop view separately in WAB

Question asked by Kcmuma on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2017 by rscheitlin

I have created a simple map that is used to insert into a 3rd party application (AMANDA 7.0). It worked great until I decided to add several widgets to turn on the layers individually.  Found a great custom widget for that....but I added extra widgets giving me a total of 7 with one hidden.  I then altered the position of them to tuck them right up into the top left corner.  On a full view of the map (I'm calling this desktop) it looks just fine....but when it reduces the map to a small view (similar to a mobile phone screen) the icons are all messed up.  They are no longer tucked up in the corner and the extra 2 are in really weird places....

I just upgraded to WAB 2.6 before I made these widget additions.  In the previous version on 2.0 there were only 3 widgets, one hidden and 2 visible, and they were tucked up too but I didn't have this problem with the different views.

Why can't it keep the position change when it changes views?  Is there another config file I can alter?


Just had a quick idea...should I be creating a custom theme?