Negative Extrude / Delete Building elements

Discussion created by MaxPayne on Oct 19, 2017
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Hey (:


I've run into a problem and I need your help


I just started using the city engine and tried to change the script "Building_From_Footprint.cga"
I'm gonna try to explain my problem by using a few images.

As you can see in the image 1 there is the basic structure. My next step was to extrude a new level (image 2)

I implemented a interactive extrude function which allows me to change the structure form (image 2- 3)

I want to delete the red colored area (image 4). First I tried to control from where the extrude should begin. But coudlnt figure out how to do it. Than I though I could make it work to extrude the other sides ( -x and -z axis ) into the building. But also at this point, didnt know how to do it. My last try and hope was it, to extrude again and substruct this from the first extrusion.


I used this code to make it work

SetbackBaseZ -->
    [ extrude(_getLevelHeight*Floor_Ht) Mass(false) ]

    split(z){ 'rand(_getExtrudeZAxis/100,1):
        split(x){ 'rand(_getExtrudeXAxis/100,1)
//New extrusion to subtrac it
        split(z){ 'rand(_getExtrudeMinusZAxis/100,1):
        split(x){ 'rand(_getExtrudeMinusXAxis/100,1)

I hope you understand my problem and if you could help me out here. That would be great !



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