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How to export calibrated Route to table

Question asked by schenkz on Oct 18, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2017 by Dan_Patterson

Hi all,


I've got what I would imagine is a relatively unique challenge. I have a route layer that I've created and calibrated with a series of other layers. I can currently take any GPS co-ordinate and convert it to a mileage. Now what I need to do is to take this route layer and export it so that others can see it in a table format (CSV, SQL, etc).


In case this sounds confusing, I'll try to explain it another way: I'm trying to take a route layer (where I can only see the mileage by using the "Identify Route Location" tool) and make it such that I can I have a table that looks like the attached table below.


I would imagine that there should be a way to simply export the route in order to do this, but any method to achieve the table below should be fine. It is important to note that I need the mileage to increase at a steady rate (ideally 0.001 miles but there is some flexibility). 


I hope what I'm asking for is clear, but if not please let me know below and I will attempt to clarify  Thanks in advance!