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Syncing data from mdf to gdb using append tool

Question asked by Abdullah.qasrawi93 on Oct 18, 2017
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I am using append tool to transfer my data from mdf to gdb, first of all I have 200 rows for F.C inside mdf (editsonUMPs.mdf) and 200 rows for F.C inside gdb(editsonUMPs.gdb), both contain the same data, after I edited my (editsonUMPs.mdf ) the number of rows become 201 rows.  I notice that append reflects all the new effect inside (editsonUMPs.mdf ) to the (editsonUMPs.gdb) but when I check the attribute for the (editsonUMPs.gdb) I found that all the attributes for the (editsonUMPs.gdb) copied to (editsonUMPs.gdb) again so the total record become 401. Actually, I want to sync my data from mdf to gdb so in this case (editsonUMPs.gdb) must contain 201 rows

Please see screenshot bellow





What might be the issue her?