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AGOL - Feature layers not visible when publishing from mxd with multiple layers pointing to one common shapefile

Question asked by valraa on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by valraa

Sorry for the lengthy title....

I have an mxd with three layers which reference one single Shapefile.

All layers are symbolized differently and have different fields hidden (for displaying coherent popups for each in AGOL).

The hidden fields are NOT Shape, FID.

When I publish to my organizational AGOL via "File->Share as-> Feature Service", publish will succeed and I can see the service within My Content folder.

However, when I open it in a new web map, I can only see geometries and attributes of only one of my three original layers. The others are with no geometries/attributes (their table of attributes are empty).

Strangely, the only one I can see is the uppermost in the TOC when I published from ArcMap.

Do you have any ideas on why this is happening. Is this "multiple-layers stuff even support in AGOL?

Thanks in advance for any help.