Locate Function Fail?

Discussion created by ocwd.admin on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by Michael.Romankiewicz@phila.gov_phl

As much as I try to like, work, and slowly adopt ArcGIS Pro - it continues to disappoint.  In ArcMap, I can click on a binocular icon and search all visible layers with no configuration on my part.  I'm able to quickly find a street in a local layer or a REST service that exists in my map and simply zoom to that location.  


It took 15 minutes to use the binocular icon in ArcGIS Pro just to get to a list that I had to pick through to find the correct location.  Someone check my work flow here - but I'm now required to add the layer to the Locate tool that I want to search, configure each attribute to an equals or contains, then check and uncheck each layer I want to use for the search, and finally zoom to a number of results just to get close to where I want to be??? 


In this instance, I wanted to find a street called Joyce using a REST service from our P&Z.  In ArcMap I can type "Joyce" and see a results list of Joyce Drive, Joyce Court, Joyce Circle, etc.  In Pro, I get 12 results with just "Joyce", requiring me to click through 5 just to get to Joyce Circle.  Sure - I could type Joyce Circle.  But I DIDN'T have too before - and I liked it!


Change is not a problem with me.  I was excited about Pro.  However, when users have to continually cry out for simple tools we are used to using - the product is a no-go.